Film project

About a year or so ago, I bought all these rolls of film because I had been given this gorgeous SLR that was my mother's a few decades back. I never ended up taking very many photos, in part because I was so apprehensive about the manual focus on the camera. In any case, I have all these rolls of film leftover (and also one roll that I accidentally exposed) so I've decided to document my life (read: uni & coffee) adventures in disposable cameras/film.


What's up, doc?

I guess the title of this post is self-explanatory - I've been trying to type up a new blog post for a really long while now and it's taken me about 4 months but I'm finally here and updating! Granted, I'm cutting and pasting bits from old drafts but I want to sort of give an impression of the various states of being I was in over the last 130 or so days of my life.

In early January I wrote that I'd been enjoying life which, in the grand scheme of things, had been kind of super relaxed and wonderful and just generally, enjoyable. Some banal comment about coffee was made, and also some musings about spending too much money, working far too little and trying to garden, organise my life and house simultaneously.

More recently (early March), I started a post about being sorry that I had disappeared for so long and giving a bit of an overview of uni/Summer. I wrote that post as I sat by the Law building on campus, skipping yet another maths lecture (I very rarely go, it's quite worrying). Everything in that post is still relevant, though I won't post it. In it, I talked about the photo blog Tiantian and I started (PHOTOGA) which has been pretty inactive recently, though we definitely have plans to vamp it up. Soon. You can still head over there and download the curve, Mountain, I created which gives photos a lovely dreamy feel.

I'm being a really good uni student right now and working after hours although I guess I'm undermining my productivity by blogging. Whatever, this will get me back into the swing of things. In the meantime, be happy and healthy (I'm disgustingly ill right now) and I'll be back soon with trivial and probably meaningless photos.



High school really is ending. It's hard to believe but it is. The day that I've been waiting for for the last 4 years is finally so close I can almost taste it and yet, no cigar. It's bittersweet really. The end of an era. An astonishingly wonderful era.

Things are only made more real by the fact that I've realised only today, that I'm fast running out of time to prepare for my final exams and that college applications, which, for a long time, felt a lifetime away, are suddenly about to become overdue. I have some time though. My application isn't due until the end of November, but I'm hoping to complete it by the end of October. I apparently have enough time to compose this short little... nothing, though.

I'm severing all technological connections for a while. That means no facebook, no blogging. I've recently become addicted to twitter though, so you can follow me (@louweasel_) there. My friend Chloe and I also have a joke twitter (@real_llhoe) where we tweet our long time inner fangirl love Harry Styles (of Anglo-Irish boyband One Direction fame).

Until Nov. 3, kisses and all my love xxx




A friend asked me if I was a wannabe photographer the other day. I replied no, and I stand by that no. That said, Tiantian (who features quite frequently on this blog) and I have been talking about starting a photo blog for quite a while now, so last night we finally stopped being lazy and created our new blog, PHOTOGA.

We like to think of this new blog as a bit of a work in progress that will hopefully blossom during our university years, and also as a blog with a name that could double as a Vietnamese restaurant. If you're still reading, stop. And go visit our very empty new blog. <3

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