Hello etc.

I feel like I should've welcomed you to my new blog or something but, I was so eager to post those two photos that I skipped the niceties entirely. Hence my somewhat belated welcome: Hi, it's so great that you've stumbled across my blog, hiding deep in the interwebs. I'm not entirely sure what the point of this blog is but let's just pretend it's an extended metaphor for life. After all, what is (the point of) life? Leave a little love - or hate - and have a lovely day!

I think I'm just going to post my photoshop adventures and of course, my life's adventures. Adventures which aren't really interesting or happening right now but will definitely, maybe, happen in November. By then I'm sure I'll have something slightly more meaningful to share.

Today's ANZAC Day and the weather is simply marvellous. It's very cool and very grey. Most of my friends are summer lovers which is understandable, given we live in Australia, but I've since converted to the dark side. Kind of literally because winter is always, always darker than summer. I posted about my love for winter on my old blog but I didn't really say very much except make assertions about winter's winning qualities. You can probably find it if you look hard enough.

I used to have a deep affinity for summer, or so my mother tells me. Whenever I complain about the sun nowadays, she tells me about my younger self and how I used to bathe in the sunshine, laying under the sun all day long, much to her horror because I'd end up with a tan that never seemed to fade (I'm Asian and apparently having fair skin is a quality quite revered). I can imagine myself loving the sun but I honestly think winter is just much more practical. Of course, my understanding of winter might be a bit flawed considering where I live and our winter's are by most comparisons, quite weak.

I've always said that in cold weather, you can pile on as many layers as you want to keep warm but you can't say the same for hot weather. There are only so many layers you can peel off before you're down to your underwear or, if you're particularly comfortable in your own skin, your birthday suit. There's also something incredibly warming about sitting inside on a rainy day and just looking at the rain fall. Everything just seems peaceful and still. And finally, footwear in winter. It always feels just that little bit more appropriate to wear heels - day or night - in cold weather than in summer. I always feel like my heels don't get enough wear and I'm pretty sure I wear them most between June-August.

It's also drizzling today and pretty much the perfect weather for a nice cup of tea or, in my case, a scalding hot cappaccino. It's the first cup of coffee I've had in what feels like years but is actually only just days (although enough to make about a week's worth) and already I can feel my coffee addition starting to gnaw away at my feeble determination to stop drinking its warm goodness.


monkeytiredofjizzin said...

so just curious why do you have three blogs? :P

Anonymous said...

share my fairydust? uncharacteristically sentimental of you. but hey I love your banner picture thing (what can I say they're stunning girls) and your other photos too. but where is the photo of ordell! I'm so disappointed.

monkeytiredofjizzin said...

aww u deleted factyourlife :(
and call me freedom is still up :P

louise said...

Anonymous, you're right. That is uncharacteristically sentimental of me.. or just super try-harded but I'm glad you chose the former. And the photo is coming! It underwent some major surgery and is now ready for public viewing.

Anonymous said...

why did you make a new blog when your call me freedom was still up?

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