You've got troubles and I've got them too

Since the culmination of trials (and possibly even earlier), my friend Alisha has been nagging at me to do a post about her - and our relationship. Which is why I've decided that 'loveliest' is an appropriate title; she is just so lovely (and a little bit of a[n amazing] gronk).

We have a funny little life story. We sat next to each other on the first day of year 7 on the bus to Orientation Camp and she told me about her phobia of winds, I squealed about something, and so began a four year long antipathy. At some point in year 11, during our weekly 9 periods of maths (more commonly known as mental anguish, torture, etc, we bonded over a hate for maths and similarly intense inability to solve mathematical equations.

Now she's all up in my grill and I can't imagine life without her craziness and millionaire boy drama.

She's the Asian. Not really.
(photo credit to Jem)

The time she went down my facebook wall liking everything until I un-friended her and blocked her.

She can rap 'Superbass'.

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