High school really is ending. It's hard to believe but it is. The day that I've been waiting for for the last 4 years is finally so close I can almost taste it and yet, no cigar. It's bittersweet really. The end of an era. An astonishingly wonderful era.

Things are only made more real by the fact that I've realised only today, that I'm fast running out of time to prepare for my final exams and that college applications, which, for a long time, felt a lifetime away, are suddenly about to become overdue. I have some time though. My application isn't due until the end of November, but I'm hoping to complete it by the end of October. I apparently have enough time to compose this short little... nothing, though.

I'm severing all technological connections for a while. That means no facebook, no blogging. I've recently become addicted to twitter though, so you can follow me (@louweasel_) there. My friend Chloe and I also have a joke twitter (@real_llhoe) where we tweet our long time inner fangirl love Harry Styles (of Anglo-Irish boyband One Direction fame).

Until Nov. 3, kisses and all my love xxx


Reptilia said...


thanks for your comment!

Really nice blog!



tezzle the embezzle(r) said...


i luvv study 222222


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