One the arguably best things ever happened today. As someone who usually doesn't interact with prominent people and has no burning desire to do so either, the chance encounter I had today with Ken Horler in Surry Hills was so lovely and I was genuinely pleased to have met and spoken to him, even if for a fleeting 10 minutes. For those who don't know (I didn't know until 1pm today either), Ken Horler is the co-founder of Nimrod Theatre in Sydney, now known as Stables Theatre. He and John Bell (of Bell Shakespeare fame) founded it together in the 70's in a period of increasing small-L liberal culture.

He greeted us (my friends and I were out and about for lunch) as we passed him with a surprising: 'my daughter went to your school' and left just as abruptly, something I felt kind of embodied his jovial and somewhat carefree nature - at least, that's the impression I got. He enquired about our university aspirations and told us about his own (he received his double degree from the University of Sydney, practising law for a while before converting to the dramatic arts) and made little quips about each of our short-term goals. He also had beautifully coloured leather shoes which I couldn't help but admire. I wish I had asked for a photo. Just as I was about to make the request, he had already turned and walked off, The Spectator swinging at his side. For future reference, I'm going to be bold and just ask, and also start talking to strangers because I think the notion of stranger danger is just generally unfounded.*

*Most abductions and assaults of children occur not with strangers, but with people known to the child.

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