All of the times I've found myself wanting to take a photo, I've never had my camera with me which is why I've been taking an increasing number photos on my phone. Thankfully, the camera isn't too shabby and so the photos turn our alright - for a phone camera, at least. These are just a few happy snaps which show just how much I've been procrastinating, even though assessments start on Monday.

Also, HAPPY WINTER, everyone! It's finally my favourite season and I'm very excited to start drinking an excessive amount of coffee (I broke my addiction) and wearing too many layers! My ASOS order came in yesterday, just in time too! I now have a gorgeous new pair of Hudson boots and a fantastically warm wool hat. Here's to hoping you embrace the season!

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dina vanessa mercado said...

i love winter as much as i adore summer! winter means you can do fantastic layering of clothes! hello boots and furs! thanks for stopping by my blog. following you now. kisses!

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