I've been hunting for the perfect pair of T-Bar flats, preferably leather, for about two months now (since before my birthday in April) and I still haven't managed to find a decent pair. I have high hopes though, because I suspect they're soon going to reappear on fashion radars everywhere and once they're in mass production, I can swoop and make a swift, nifty little purchase. Of course, my fashion predictions (if they can even be called that) are never usually based on careful monitoring of trends. I've usually just been dying for something right before it's readily available and then found indescribable amounts of glee in buying that craving. This applies only really to shoes though.

I'm the kind of person who buys too many pairs of shoes, usually unnecessarily, and then wears them only once or twice before sending them into hibernation. When I'm older, I'm going to buy a house that can accommodate a very large shoe wardrobe!

That said however, if you have any idea of where you can get a pair of T-Bar flats, please leave a comment! I'll love you forever.

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